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Some say getting rewards for your work is lucky. I don’t agree. There’s an old business adage. It took me twenty years to achieve this overnight success. I haven’t achieved an overnight success yet, but my work is starting to pay off. To me, that’s not luck. That’s years of hard work.

2018 Rewards

After practicing my writing craft for eighteen years, I feel 100% ready to tackle paying markets. So I submitted a short story to Polar Borealis magazine. They published my horror story, The Lonely Mr. Fish. And I got paid. So it took less than twenty years, but here I am.

The publisher looked at my website, and asked to submit art for one of the issue covers. So I did, and I got paid for that, too.

2019 Rewards

I’m nominated for Best Artist for the Aurora Awards. It’s a Canadian award ceremony for sci-fi and fantasy fiction and art. The art that’s used for Polar Borealis, Issue 8, called Dragon Lab, got me a nomination.

I’m shocked and pleasantly surprised. Am I going to win? I have absolutely no idea. I don’t even know how I got nominated.

When I received the email last month, before I read the whole email, I immediately thought, “But, I didn’t do anything.” Then after I read the whole email, I went, “Ohhh, for that art. Awesome.”

Aurora Awards

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Aurora Awards Lily Rewards

Lily Author, nominated for best artist, Polar Borealis cover, issue 8.

See the nominated cover art here.

I’m unable to attend in person, but they’ll keep me updated via email.

I’ve never won an award for my art before. But you know what? The idea that someone, somewhere, thinks one art piece of mine is worthy of an award, is the most amazing feeling. It’s an old cliche, but it really is an honor to be nominated.

Screenwriting Update

After practising the screenplay format for five months with a feature length script, I’m now working on TV scripts and short films. Interestingly enough, that are way more opportunities for short film scripts.

When I’m ready, which will probably be soon, I’m going to submit short film scripts to competitions. We’ll see what happens next.

Lily Updated Photos

Meanwhile, here’s two current photos.

Lily (c) 2019. Rocking the punk cat T-shirt.

My fav T-shirt, Punk Cat.

Lily Author 2019 Rewards

Oh, hi there!

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