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Here are the latest published short stories.

Bethell’s Angel – Victorian mystery. Inspired by the occult. Published in Boreal Polaris Issue #14.

The Lonely Mr. Fish – crime drama. A teen confronts the tenant in his home, the mysterious Mr. Fish. Inspired by facts about Albert Fish. Published in Boreal Polaris Issue #7.


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To Lucasta Short Screenplay by Lily Blaze | Writing | Short Stories and Screenplays

To Lucasta, Going to the Wars


When an artist struggling to finish a masterpiece is confronted by a lover, he must choose between art and love. Based on the Richard Lovelace poem.

Short Screenplay.

Understatement poster by Lily Blaze | Writing


Short Screenplay

Crime Drama.

One woman wants to do the right thing. Her friend wants to get rid of a dead body. Moonlight reveals a shocking truth about justice.

Short screenplay.

Too Late Short Script by Lily Blaze | Writing

Too Late

Southern Gothic Fantasy.

Nature confounds a wanderer as he lures his victim.

Short screenplay.

She Walks in Beauty Short Script by Lily Blaze | Writing

She Walks in Beauty


A husband confronts his wife’s illness. Based on the Lord Byron poem.

Short screenplay.

The Edge of Infinity Feature Screenplay by Lily Blaze | Writing

The Edge of Infinity

Dark Fantasy.

An artist prepares for her first big art show as she struggles with frightening visions of animals and wildlife.

Feature Screenplay.

Solitaire Horror Feature by Lily Blaze | Writing



A Montreal deaf construction worker must confront a doctor’s monstrous creations in an abandoned hospital to save his crew and escape.

Feature Screenplay.

Demodex by Lily Blaze | Writing


Horror Comedy.

An isolated woman finds a technological cure for her skin condition that creates flesh-eating monsters.

Short Screenplay.

Sand Crystal by Lily Blaze | Writing

Sand Crystal

Dark Fantasy.

The tragic story of Lorelei. A legend retold with a splash of Sci-fi.

Short Screenplay.

Bethell's Angel by Lily Blaze | Writing

Bethell’s Angel

Victorian Mystery.

A private investigator clashes with an occultist as they fight to unravel the case of a missing child. Based on the short story.

Short Screenplay.

I Am Stretched on Your Grave by Lily Blaze | Writing

I Am Stretched on Your Grave


A monk deals with the ghost of his childhood sweetheart in a graveyard as he struggles to take new vows. Based on the anonymous poem.

Short Screenplay.

A Dream Within a Dream by Lily Blaze | Writing

A Dream Within a Dream

Psychological Horror.

A man grieves for his wife at a funeral and discovers a nightmare. Based on the Edgar Allan Poe poem.

Short Screenplay.

Bavarian Gentians by Lily Blaze | Writing

Bavarian Gentians


A grieving widow deals with the horrors of his wife’s death. Based on the DH Lawrence poem.

Short Script.


I write short stories and screenplays that are driven by characters and emotions. To me, it’s like shadow play. When I allow the characters’ emotions to show the story, shadows come to life.

For characters that aren’t human, this writing method becomes quite the challenge. It gives me great pleasure.

Of course, especially with screenwriting, being annoyingly vague is a big no. So, writing the characters’ emotions is just the first layer, a foundation, to build the story.

From there, action and descriptions.

As a visual artist, descriptions come naturally to me. As a screenwriter, I often have to remind myself that an unlimited number of descriptive paragraphs is not a story.

Stories need plot, conflict, actions, and reactions.

It’s all chemistry, you see. I put certain elements in the mix and everything balloons out into a cohesive story.

My process isn’t an overnight endeavour. Although I write fast, building concepts takes the most time for me to develop. If concepts are already built, it takes no time at all. Neat, huh?

For several years, I didn’t like writing short screenplays, and I didn’t know why. I enjoy short stories, so what gives? Then one day, something just clicked in my mind. Public domain poetry turned into complete stories. Now, I enjoy writing short screenplays as much as I enjoy any format of creative writing.

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