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America Will Bernardara Jr

In the natural order of Will Bernardara Jr.’s America, the details are the devils. This isn’t a patriotic story. This is a fictional account of the truth as shown by a demonic hive mind.

Meet the Author of America

My first intro to Will Bernadara Jr.’s writing is a short story in Underbelly Issue 1 that I reviewed. He remembered my review, I remember his strong writing. So when he sent me a review request, I happily accepted.

You’re checking out Underbelly now, right? I’ll wait.

One of things that I love about extreme fiction is the lack of self-censorship. That’s evident in Bernardara Jr.’s creative use of, well, everything. As the story unfolds, there’s references ranging from Shakespeare to David Cronenberg. 1980s horror slasher movies to Skinny Puppy. And many others you should know.

After all of that, there’s more.

The Story of America

America is a riveting and quick read. It’s the anti-thesis of mainstream media with their attempts to explain mass shooters. Prepare yourself of an original analysis that connects the overuse of medication with ancient demonology. Science meets demons.

What is Wrong with America?

We’ve all heard that sentiment. We see it all over social media. Instead of repeating a rhetorical question, America paints a terrifying picture with clever anecdotes and hilarious side-notes. Hints of a horrific future are splattered throughout the story.

The question isn’t what’s wrong with this country. The question is, how is the country sick?

Extreme Wide Appeal

It thrilled me every time I read a horror reference. The science and demonology are never hard to read. Pacing is steady and consistent. The references made me smile. America‘s ending is deeply haunting, as it’s meant to be.

You’re checking out America now, right? I’ll wait.

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