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I’m so happy to share with everyone my poem that’s read by a professional actor at WILDsound.

The Devil’s Arches Poem

This poem is inspired by my experience of many hospital appointments while I recovered from a severe MS attack. The devil’s arches represent the hospital entrance.

Read my full interview here.

That attack was so sudden that I developed PSTD. Every time I walk through the hospital entrance, I flash back to that time. It’s gotten easy to deal with, but these things never go away. You just learn to live with it. I took my PSTD and turned it into a poem.

Screenwriting Based on a Poem

While I explored, experimented, and tried to figure out how to enjoy short script writing, it suddenly dawned on me one day, public domain poetry. There are tons of poetry to choose from, going back to the ancient world. And that’s how I figured out why there are so many versions of Beowulf. It all makes sense now…

My History

I’ve always seen my poetry as a hobby and a way to work out my inner demons. Much of my poetry is short, except for a handful of longer poems. Since I discovered how much fun it is to write scripts based on poems, I’ve been wondering, could I use my poetry for scripts? I don’t know…

Now that I’ve had one poem read, and not read by me, I realize it’s entirely possible. Not only that, it’s a dream come true. Over two decades of poetry writing, and I can do something it. My poems no longer need to stay in a pile, collecting dust. I’m excited!

Short Film Based on a Poem

Check out To Lucasta, Going to the Wars, filmed by Luis Taveras. This short film is based on one of my scripts, which you can find here. I’ve opted out of read requests for this script, so you can download it instantly.

I was inspired to create a story around the poem written that’s written by Richard Lovelace. Luis was inspired by my inspiration. It was a wonderful experience for the both of us.


Well, not much of a secret, and probably something only screenwriters will understand. All poetry have built-in beats. Try it for yourself. You’ll find the basic structure is already written for you, and it’s only a matter of putting everything in script format. Too much fun!

I hope you enjoyed this next part of my journey as an artist.

All scripts found on: Script Revolution

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