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That’s right, yours truly is offering to buy affordable original art including my paintings. I’ve started a Redbubble shop where you can buy my art on many products. So…

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I plan to add a lot more. Stay connected and you’ll get a nice surprise.

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I have tons…plenty…many art pieces I’ve drawn or painted in the past thirty years. Most of these art pieces are not found anywhere, not even my website. The art you see on my website are low-res previews that I decided to share. Now I’m taking art from my personal portfolio to a whole new level.

Coming soon to my Rebubble shop, there will be fairy art, abstract paintings or designs, horror art, dark art, monsters, and a whole host of creatures that don’t have a name. Except the name I’ve decided to give them, because I’m wacky like that.

Three paintings added so far. Check out…

First Painting – The Lily Rose

Acrylic on canvas. Red, black, and white abstract painting called The Lily Rose. I’m pleased to say this piece shows up beautifully on most products. Modern and sleek.

The Lily Rose

Painting Sample by Lily Blaze
Preview Sample Image

The Lily Rose is now on everything, ranging from T-shirts to throw pillows. I especially like the throw pillow. You can buy two for the price of one. I’m thinking about buying the pillows for myself. They’d look great on my sofa.

But hey, if you only want a T-shirt, I’m cool with that.

An interesting story behind this piece. Due to an MS attack, I really thought I’d never be able to create art again. I recovered from the attack, but I still struggle with coordination. So I signed up for a local community art class, just to see. I discovered acrylic painting. It’s like a mobility aid for artists living with disability. Love it. And now, I’m back being who I am – an artist.

Second Painting – After the Rain Fairies

Watercolor painting. A lovely pair of fairies with black wings reaching for a raindrop after the rain. A lot gothic, a little sweet, and just cool.

After the Rain Fairies

Gothic Fairies Sample by Lily Blaze
Preview Sample Image

Unfortunately, this painting does not fit automatically on every product. If, however, you would like to see this painting on a product that’s not listed, send me a message, and I’ll customize the piece for a private sale. See what I did there? You’ll still get original art.

The painted raindrop looks especially cool on a sleeveless top.

No story for this piece. In fact, all fairy art that I’ve done usually starts with me wondering, how would black wings look? Or pink wings…

Third Painting – Green Pink Fairy

This is a cute little watercolor painting. A green fairy with pink wings sitting on a pink flower. I did this piece so long ago, I can’t remember which flower I had in mind at the time. I think it’s supposed to be a creative dahlia flower. I’ll let you decide.

Green Pink Fairy

Fairy Art Sample by Lily Blaze
Preview Sample Image

Story? I liked the idea of pink wings on a green fairy. It matches well, and I have to point out, for shower curtains or bathmat, it’ll look really nice in a bathroom.

Why I’m Selling Art

As I continue working on the long game of feature screenwriting and then the longer wait to see who will buy my scripts, I need an extra income to keep going. I hate begging. I’d rather sell art. Sounds like a fair deal? Okay, cool.

Why You Should Buy My Art

You’ll be helping me to continue supporting myself as I wait…and wait.

Affordable Art

No, I didn’t lie. All paintings are also on stickers, magnets, and coasters, for a few bucks or less. There are many options. As a Canadian, I set prices in Canadian dollars, which looks higher than US dollars. Still want a product, and it’s not in your budget? Contact me for a private sale.

Custom Private Sales

If you like any art but want it customized, such as different colors, size, or specific product, send me a message here or Redbubble and make a request. Please include the Redbubble shop url for the art page. It makes it easier for me to fulfill your request as soon as possible.

Happy art buying!

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