Nightmare Nocturne | YouTube Channel Review

Nightmare Nocturne Review

Nightmare Nocturne is a YouTube channel focused on narrating creepy tales. Two ghoulish yet lovely girls post videos with stories from various sources. They’re artists supporting artists, and they’re just starting to gain some real traction.

Spooky stories based on true events, indie authors reading their stories, and classic scary tales. The Black Dog, anyone? Classic. There’s quite a choice so far, and I predict the channel will only get better.

I must make a confession at this point. One of the girls downloaded The Vault, my collection of free stories and poetry. I’m looking forward to finding out which story she’s going to read.

While I realize not everyone can sound like Vincent Price or Elvira, I do feel the girls could slow down their speaking skills just a tad and pause ever so briefly at the appropriate moments. I’m being picky, I know that. Regardless, I feel that extra bit polish would go a long way.

On the other hand, the girls look like they’re having so much fun!

The videos are low-budget, but considering it’s only two girls running the whole show, I can’t blame them. On the plus side, every video has subtitles/captions, so anyone can watch them. If you enjoy raw, creepy, and indie, Nightmare Nocturne is worth checking out.

You might want to book a front row seat, if you dare…

Check out the channel here.

Watch the Nightmare Nocturne trailer here.

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