My 2018 Halloween Costume

Halloween Featured Image Lily Neon Vagabond

I had the most fun with my 2018 Halloween costume, which is my best costume yet. It’s going to be hard to top that costume for next year, but no regrets.

Except maybe the wig. It looked great and all, but very itchy and over-heating. I’ll have to use something else beside a wig for next year. Hair pins, maybe? I don’t know yet.

The costume reveal is below, but first! A soundtrack for setting the mood.

Costume Teasers

I posted teaser pics of my costume on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re not following me on those accounts, you’re missing out,

2018 Halloween Teaser 1
Spooky bouquet.
2018 Halloween Teaser 2
White gloves.
2018 Halloween Teaser 3
There has to be blood.
2018 Halloween Teaser 4
Part of the costume.

2018 Halloween Costume

Dead, red, and ready to bride!

Halloween costume 2018
Here comes the bride…

Here’s a closer shot of my blood-dripping makeup.

Halloween costume 2018 close-up.

And we can’t forget the boots!

Halloween costume boots 2018
Spooky boots.

Blood-drenched legs and the groom appeared to be missing. The stained nylons were awesome and fit perfectly.

You can view more costumes on my About page.

Halloween Costume 2019

Right now, I have absolutely no ideas for my 2019 costume, but I’m open to suggestions. After all, I have 11 months to plan. Leave a comment and let me know what kind of costume you think works for me.

Something spooky, scary, gothic, unique, hey, whatever you have to say I’ll keep in mind. I look forward to reading the suggestions!

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