The Power of Trees

Tree Roots Breaking Sidewalk

Trees was Originally posted on November 14, 2014, on my old, long gone blog.

Broken Trees

A couple of blocks away from my apartment building there was a massive tree whose root grew so big it broke apart the sidewalk. The broken section was like a pointed mountain, straight up and down. It was a serious hazard. Personally, I couldn’t walk on that broken sidewalk at all. So I took the scenic route.

Saving Trees

Instead of uprooting and destroying the tree, the city simply paved a smooth ramp over the roots so the tree can now safely continue growing under the sidewalk.


There’s always another way. No need for extremes. Save the drama for the fiction. No need to scream any political agenda, no matter how well intention that agenda might seem.

Don’t scream. Whisper. Only then will the trees hear you.

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