Happy Halloween 2020!

Halloween 2020 Lily Blaze Unsplash scaled

This time, I’m going to offer a different Happy Halloween.

I planned a costume, but the plan fell through. So, I offer you a post to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. But don’t worry, this is still happy 2020 Halloween.

Happy Halloween of the Past

I’ve always loved Halloween. It’s not only the spooky thrills for me. The costumes. I love costumes. If I could, I’d happily wear a different costume everyday.

Wait. Let me guess. You’re thinking, if you love costumes that much, go ahead and wear them all the time! Get your freak on!

I used to do exactly that. My freak flag was raised 24/7. Even at work. Oh sure, I’d wear office attire. And my hair was dyed blue. Or purple. Or…whichever color I wanted…that week. But I don’t anymore, not because of social expectations, because it takes a lot of work and energy to keep that freak flag raised.

So, working within my current limits, I plan a fun costume for Halloween night. That’s all I ask. One freaking night.

Twenty-five years ago I looked closer to this.

Everyday, all day.

Now, I do this one night of the year.

Happy Halloween | Spider Baby
Spider Baby 2016
Lily Blaze Halloween costume 2018
Red Dead Bride 2018

Read the full post about the Red Dead Bride costume here.

Halloween of the Present

My plan this year was simple. I just thought it would be funny to dress as myself…from twenty-five years ago. I still have all the fashions and accessories, so I figured, why not? Lots of black lace and a leather studded collar. So along the lines of…

Happy Halloween 2020 Lace Top
I still have two versions of that top.


Happy Halloween 202 Collar
Identical to the collar I still own. Those things last forever.

All with makeup. Of course.

Alas, best laid plans and all that.

I cancelled my costume plan because of medical reasons. Sadly ironic considering COVID 19. So, here’s hoping for a better Halloween next year.

Happy Halloween of the Future

So my Halloween plans this year didn’t work out, but that just gives me another year to prepare.

I still think that my idea to dress as myself is a funny costume.

What do think? Dress as Myself next year or do you have other costume suggestions? I’m always open.

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