Halloween 2023 – Through My Eyes and Sense of Humor

Halloween 2023 Lily Blaze

For my Halloween 2023 costume, I used my twisted sense of humor. I actually planned this costume for a couple of years. Read about my adventures below…

Halloween 2023: The Big Idea

So a couple of years ago, I got an idea for what could be an excellent costume. My plan was to unveil it for Halloween 2022, but I decided to postpone until next year.

I wanted a dragon. And not just any dragon. A red and black dragon. For a good reason. Really.

In case you haven’t guessed yet, there are pop culture references involved.

The Outfit

This one is easy. I knew that all I needed was a red shirt with black fishnet over it to give the impression of scales. So I found those two items right away.


Well, this isn’t hard. Choosing the best wings for my costume was the hardest part. There’s so many beautiful wings to choose from!

Regardless, I stuck with my red and black theme and decided to splurge a little. Is it worth it? Yes, absolutely worth every dollar.

( I would say cent, but Canada no longer makes cents…)


I kinda cheated with horns, but I don’t have any regrets. Besides, I knew what was really going to make my costume work is…


I still have the mask I found, and I’ll probably always cherish it. Finding a color-matching mask, however, turned out to be an incredible adventure.

There are plenty of decent dragon masks, regardless of cost, but so many of them look closer to a dinosaur. So I kept searching for months until I found the exact right mask.

My horns are a bit dwarfed by the mask, but I don’t care. Worth it.

And so I present to you…

Halloween 2023 Costume

I call it How I Met Your Mother, Game of Thrones style.

Lily Blaze Halloween 2023

Until next time!

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