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I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I’ve been busy. I wanted to share with everyone an update and my goals for 2019.

2018 Overview

Although I had bigger plans for 2018 (best laid plans and all that), I’m content with where I am as a writer. I sold my first horror story! I mean, someone actually PAID me for writing fiction. Crazy, huh? I’ve also sold a one of a kind art piece for an upcoming issue for the same zine. Someone actually PAID me for my art. Good times.

2019 Review Schedule

Three reviews are coming in January, February, and March. Lots of new and dark fiction coming your way. My reputation as a reviewer of dark fiction is gaining traction. If you’re interested, fill out the form here.

Current Goals

You know how experienced writers say edit your work with fresh eyes? I think I figured out a trick.

I’ve started dabbling in screenwriting. I’ve written a screenplay before, as an experiment, so I’m familiar with the basics. But now I’m making more of a commitment to screenwriting. Even if it doesn’t pay off, I have to say, writing a screenplay based on a fictional story is the best editing. I’m catching so many minuscule typos and minor inconsistencies that I never would have seen before.

Added bonus! While playing around with loglines, I summed up the story better than a novel synopsis. And it works.

2019 Goals

I’ll be honest. I would love nothing more than to sell screenplays. Eventually. I’m realistic, and I always keep my expectations low. Of course, I could sell screenplays and books. But, if I sold both, well, I wouldn’t complain. And, if I can sell screenplays, books, and art (!!!) well, that would be perfection. One step at a time and all that.

So, while I experiment with screenwriting, I’m going explore my Pierrot novel idea, starting January 2019.

Happy Holidays! Here’s a toast to a new year full of creative opportunities!

2019 champagne tost from Lily

P.S. On the off chance you’re reading this thinking, zomg how can I buy me some Lily art, never seen anywhere before?!

Call me.

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