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In order to catch flies, you have to align a web On This Day. In Oak Anderson’s newest thriller, On This Day: Homeland Thriller Series (Brant Discher Book 1), the web is more complex than it appears.

Discher is a friendly cop, the kind that rescues kittens, who’s thrown into a deeper mystery when he investigates an apparent suicide. Conflicts ensue. Terrorists are discovered. Bodies pile up. Love is threatened. Wounds are exposed.

With alternating chapters that focus on different POVs, villains and protagonists, Oak Anderson paints a complicated three-dimensional web. Is it all a Conspiracy? Another 9/11 story? A firm no. Not if you pay attention.

Long Read, Short Chapters On This Day

Oak Anderson is an interesting thriller writer. He takes his time and crafts every word. Not one word is wasted. At the same time, you never have to wait long for plot twists (yes, twists, plural, and endless). If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of his book Take On With You, then prepare yourself to start paying attention.

On This Day, explores all aspects of cultural reactions, and sometimes deadly actions, when choice is at perilous risk of extinction. Family, working-class employees, vigilant citizens, social media uproar, federal versus local law enforcement, and a lone newscaster who needs to tell story, all fight for their small corner of the world.

And there’s Brant, at the heart of an expanding murder mystery, as he tries to keep his own life from falling apart.

Do we take our lives for granted?

A Deeper Question

In today’s politically-charged world, how can law enforcement catch suspects without racial profiling? Many of us (including yours truly), recognize racial profiling as not only wrong, it’s downright criminal. By the same token, a criminal justice system founded on the wrongness of an outdated past, is suddenly without the tools needed to enforce the law.

This book proves that the tools are flawed.

Enter On This Day. You’ll be taken on a whirlwind journey that’s ripe with dangers and the most creative death scenes. When shit hits the fan, it literally hits the fan. And that nagging question persists. Who has the real power? The flies or the spiders?

I want book 2. I’ll wait. *sits down and waits*

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